OptiShop | Increase revenue with Shopify personalization

Personalize Your Store

Display product recommendations based on customer buying behavior, browsing history, and shop trends.

Tailored Ecommerce

Increase revenue with AI-powered product personalization

Sell, Up-Sell, and Cross-Sell

Use AI-powered or manual recommendations to personalize your shop. Tailor your products to individual customer's interests on all shop pages. Learn more.

Designed for Your Shop

Configure OptiShop's recommenders to match your store's look and feel. Learn more.

Effective Analytics

Get frequently-updated analytics about performance and engagement. Learn more.

Shop Personalization

Provide a better experience for each customer by displaying products fit to their profile.

AI Recommendations

Customer behavior, transactions, interactions, shop trends, product information, and other information is used by our AI to make accurate recommendations. When trends change, OptiShop AI updates quickly and in real-time.

Recently Viewed and Best-Selling Recommendations

Feature products that your shop visitors were interested in, or the most popular products in your store.

Upsell and Cross-Sell

Place recommenders on all of your main shop pages to feature products that are likely to convert with your customers. Use the upsell feature to encourage adding a complementary or more premium item on the cart page.

Fast, Scalable, and Mobile-Friendly

Recommendations appear quickly, and can handle any amount of traffic. A compelling mobile experience with natural touch interactions and recommender widgets that adapt with page size.

Match Your Brand

The OptiShop admin preview allows you to easily configure your recommender boxes. Preview the design and placement of your shop's recommender boxes directly on your shop pages simultaneously as you make changes. Most design elements can be configured with simple dropdown menus. Publish your changes with one click when you are satisfied with the design.

Configurable options include, but are not limited to:

  • recommender box color
  • text color
  • font
  • button style
  • button text
  • position
  • adding/removing recommenders
  • and more

Effective Analytics

Get insights about your personalized shop's performance. Measure interactions your customers have with your recommenders including product views and add-to-carts. View revenue and product purchases that were driven from recommendations.

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