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Powerful AI personalization, made easy.

Boost store revenue with high-converting, AI product personalization for every type of customer.

Completely free during the beta.

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Why OptiShop?

Powerful AI personalization in a few clicks.

OptiShop enables Shopify store personalization, generating more revenue by showing more relevant products and content to each visitor. Customer behavior, shop trends, product details, and other information are fed into advanced AI algorithms to provide fast and effective shop personalization.

Advanced AI

Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence research. Frequently updated with new advancements in the field.

Sell, Up-Sell, and Cross-Sell

Product personalization features and configurations for diverse selling strategies. Cater to the entire customer experience.

Fast and Adaptable

OptiShop effortlessly handles any amount of traffic, and adapts to individual customer behavior and overall trends in real-time .

Risk-Free Pricing

OptiShop is completely free while in the beta period. Enjoy extra benefits for being a beta participant.

Easily Configurable

Match your brand with simple-to-use customization options. Get up and running with personalized Shopify content in minutes.

Dedicated Support

Our clients are our top priority. Individual, in-depth technical support available.

AI-Powered Recommendations

Show products that fit individual customer interests.
Increase Revenue

Drive sales by showing customers more relevant products.

Get Insights

Analytics dashboard shows you revenue and engagement performance metrics.

Simple and Flexible Setup

Configure your recommenders to match your store. Have AI-powered personalization available to your customers within minutes.

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Risk-free, and actually free.

OptiShop is currently in a free beta period. Please contact us below to be a participant in the beta.

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